About On Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration was developed by “Dr. A.Jean Ayres”, an Occupational therapist from U.S.A . She developed it following her extensive research with animals and children having Learning Problems. In the last fifty years, a lot of research has been added to her study to all the effect of sensory integration therapy on children with special needs such as ADHD and Autism. This theory helps explain the relationship between brain and behavior and how a certain change can be brought about in both. The earlier misconception that brain and behavior interaction cannot be changed is negated by this theory.

Sensory Integration Therapy is the mainstream clinical approach in treating Sensory Integration disorder. Therapy is usually performed by an occupational therapist who takes “Patients” through a series of sensory and motor skill exercises with children.

Sensory Integration Therapy usually looks like play time – a collection of games that helps the children to better collect and process the sensory information.

Sensory integration is the ability to capture information through the senses and meaningful processing of that data in the mind which was earlier taken as negative information by brain.

Standard therapy usually focuses on the following areas

  • Tactile (Sense of touch)
  • Vestibular (Sense of movement)
  • Proprioceptive (Sense of body position)

Sensory integration therapy is to help the child recognize or re-process sensory information in order to have a more accurate response to external stimuli.