The Medical Social Worker evaluates and assists clients/patients and families to help them adjust to the social and emotional factors related to their health challenges in their place of residence, in accordance with the Medical Social Worker Practice Act, the physician’s orders, the state regulations, and the ACHC accreditation standards.

Assists the physician and other team members in understanding the significant social and emotional factors related to the patient’s health problems.

Assesses psycho-social situation of patient/caregivers referred to the Agency. Assists them to understand and follow the medical recommendations made by the Agency team in order to restore the patient to the optimum social and health adjustment within the patient’s capacity.

Carries out social evaluations and participates in the development of the plan of care.

Provides information and referral services for Agency patients and families regarding practical and environmental needs.

Provides information to patients and families on financial assistance programs and resources.

Assists the patient and family with personal and environmental difficulties which pre-dispose toward illness or interfere with obtaining maximum benefits from medical care.

Maintains collaborative relationships with Homecare Agency staff to support patient care.

Maintains and develops contact with public and private agencies as resources for patients and staff. Uses state hotline appropriately in crisis situations.

Works with patient families as needed to provide the best care for the patient.

Utilizes appropriate community resources.

Participates in discharge planning.

Participates in education programs.

Acts as a consultant to Homecare Agency care staff inter-disciplinary team members.

Confers with the family, referring physician, and other agency professional staff to obtain information to promote coordinated, efficient, and quality patient care.