RCSC-PRAYAAS, a project of ICCW, has started a centre for Autism. The motive for establishing the centre is to provide intervention to children with autism spectrum disorder with a focus on developing their skills to become a productive member of Society. The centre tends to serve the needs of autistic children across the tri-city and counsel & guide the parents to be able to provide home based intervention for autistic children.

Brief Information on Autism: – Autism is a lifelong neurodevelopment disorder which typically appears in early childhood. The characteristic symptoms have been described as a triad of impairments involving delay and deviance of social and communicative development along with restricted interests and repetitive behaviors. Certain sensory, motor and cognitive characteristics are also associated with autism.
The term autism spectrum disorder (A.S.D) covers diagnostic labels which include autistic disorder, high functioning autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and other pervasive developmental disorders.

Incidence: – A tentative estimate suggests that over 20 lacks people in India are suffering with Autism. According to WHO, boys are five times more likely to have Autism than girls. Autism is best treated if the child is identified between the ages of 0-3 years.

Facilities provided at the Centre

  • IQ testing by a Certified Clinical Psychologist
  • Assessment for intervention planning
  • Behavioral therapy and applied behavior analysis
  • Individualized educational plan based on strength and needs
  • Developmental therapy based integration combined intervention and family based interventions.
  • Other interventions like Music Therapy, Art/Craft, Yoga etc.
  • Counseling of Parents

Sensory Integration Therapy:- Prayaas has state of an art Sensory Integration Room set up at Prayaas Preparatory School.